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Summary of NEMSMA Position Statements

11-19-2012 Letter to the FDA regarding AED regulation (download)
9-5-2012 Letter to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (download)

7-13-2012 Educational Preparation for EMS Leaders (download)

7-13-2012 Definition of EMS (download)

4-29-2012 Letter to NFPA regarding 1917 Standard “(NEMSMA is) aware that …the entire committee re-affirmed by vote, with one dissenter, to immediately go back into revision in 2012. We understand that this requires approval from the NFPA Standards Council. Is it possible to make this proposal to the Standards Council prior to the completion of NFPA 1917? We are hopeful a pro-active approach to the Council will result in a smooth transition into the next cycle. At a minimum, an awareness by the Council that this request will be forthcoming could be another opportunity to smooth the transition as well as provide an understanding of why this action needs to take place.”

4-15-2012 Letter to White House, DHHS, and DHS jointly created with partner national associations regarding the impact of drug shortages on EMS Systems “Presently, a situation with great national safety and security importance exists which is diminishing EMS capabilities on a routine basis and moreover, negatively influencing the overall level of national preparedness.”

4-13-2012 Release of Issue Brief jointly created with partner national associations regarding the impact of drug shortages on EMS Systems and DEA regulations “Our community has serious concerns about ongoing challenges with the application of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) oversight of controlled substances in the prehospital and interfacility patient care environment.”

4-9-2012 Release of White Paper jointly created with partner national associations regarding the impact of drug shortages on EMS Systems “The nationwide drug shortage problem has recently developed into alarming impact on patients with an emergency medical, critical and life-threatening illness or traumatic injury. Emergency medical services (EMS) encompasses emergency medical and trauma care provided to patients at any point in the continuum of health care services… At least 30 drugs on the FDA’s current shortage list are commonly used as part of EMS, Field EMS and CCT.”

1-27-2012 Joint Position Statement with national EMS Associations to applaud CMS for the innovation challenge opportunities and offer our collective assistance “The EMS community is eager to support these innovative health care partnerships. We are offering our collective expertise and resources to CMS. Possible roles for our organizations range from expert content grant reviewers to grant implementation support.”

12-8-2011 Endorsement of the 2011 Guidelines for the Field Triage of Injured Patients

11-2011 Emergency Medic Transition Act of 2011(H.R. 2853)– Support Joint letter of support with NAEMT to encourage states to provide alternate pathways (“bridge programs”) to help military veterans with EMS training cross over to the civilian world.

11-21-2011 Position on Field EMS Bill H.R. 3144 – Support … We are pleased that the bill takes steps to further integrate and elevate EMS leadership and coordination at the federal level while also recognizing the key role of local communities, regions and states in the delivery of high quality EMS care. …As leaders in the EMS community, we cannot allow minor disagreements and internal division on the particulars of this legislation to distract us from the historic opportunities it presents.

11-10-2011 Response to Proposed NFPA 1917 Standard – provided many suggestions

10-21-2011 National Cooperative Highway Research Program 17-51 Framework – reviewed document and provided several comments

4-15-2011 Letter to FICEMS ref Federal Lead EMS Agency 4-29-2011 NFPA 1917 – Joint request letter from NEMSMA, NASEMSO, NAEMT, and AAA “Request to immediately go back into revision of the document (draft standards) after it is published in 2012, so that data from NIOSH testing can be reviewed and included, moving toward a document that sets the basis for patient and provider safety in all phases of ambulance transportation.”

6-6-2011 Medicare Shared Savings Program: Accountable Care Organizations – Letter of Support to DHHS for the AAA Position paper “…Urges CMS to ensure that access to ambulance services are not threatened by any changes proposed in the ACO Proposed Rule”  

8-11-2011 Position on Counterfeiting and Piracy of Medical Equipment and Supplies - Support Proposed legislation such as the ‘‘Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011’’ or the ‘‘PROTECT IP Act of 2011’’ will help keep our communities safe from potential faulty equipment and supplies and maintain the standards established within the United States.

8-16-2011 Position on National Quality Forum’s Establishing a Measurement Framework for Regionalized Emergency Care Systems Using an Episodes of Care Approach - Support Made recommendations and suggestions in the development of performance measures for the following areas as defined in the draft document: Episodes of Care, Evidence-based medicine and patient-oriented outcomes, IOM’s Quality domains (Comments on “timely” and “safety”), Data and linkage across setting of care, Financial Measures, and EMS System and Component Measures


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