NEMSMA at EMS on the Hill Day

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NEMSMA President Michael Touchstone and
NEMSMA Secretary Ryan Greenberg representing NEMSMA
at EMS on the Hill Day 2015.
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The National EMS Management Association Celebrates EMS Week by Sharing a Portion of the EMS Strong Description:

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What matters is acknowledging that the stuff on the inside of the uniform will never live up to the stuff on the outside. The stuff on the outside is a legend, a myth, a façade. The stuff on the inside is human.

What matters is how you face that realization, and how you balance the human you are with the superhuman the rest of the world expects you to be.

And where the two come together, you’ll find EMS Strong.

EMS Strong is what draws a special few together to do incredibly important work, often under difficult circumstances, and many times with little thanks.

EMS Strong is the bond you share with fellow first responders. Sometimes that bond is expressed in a silent nod of recognition, and other times it takes the form of war stories shared for the umpteenth time. But it’s always there.

EMS Strong is the knowledge that you’re part of something very special. It’s the belief in something bigger than yourself—bigger than your level of certification, bigger than the color of the patch on your shoulder or the union card in your wallet.

EMS Strong is the well from which you draw the fortitude to maintain your composure when the going gets tougher than most people can imagine.

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