The National EMS Management Association's EMS Officer Credentialing Exams at Pinnacle


The National EMS Management Association's

EMS Officer Credentialing Exams at Pinnacle

This year at the annual Pinnacle EMS Leadership conference, NEMSMA will be providing its credentialing written examinations for Supervisory (SPO), Managerial (MPO) and Executive (Fellow) level Paramedic Officer certifications. These are the only EMS officer credentials that adhere to the NEMSMA national standardized comprehensive competencies, accepted by the industry across the country. The written tests will be given on July 22nd, 2018 at the conference venue in Phoenix, Arizona. Candidates must submit a completed application and provide all supporting documentation no later than June 8th, 2018 through NEMSMA's web site at .

NEMSMA will also be providing instructional courses to familiarize applicants with the format of the examinations, during Pinnacle's preconference workshop day on July 22nd, 2018. These courses review the 7 Pillars of EMS Officer Competency knowledge in a scenario-based format. They include a review of the Officers' written examination format and style, providing an explanation of how to interpret the questions and the critical thinking process to use in selecting answers. For those testing to Manager or Executive certification, a review of the required Oral Boards examination will also be provided. And, for the Executive Officer candidates, a description and scoring explanation for the required "portfolio" submission, will be provided, as well. Completed applications are NOT necessary to be eligible to participate in these instructional courses. Those interested may sign up for these instructional courses also at .

Isn't it time to join the growing, elite group of men and women across America who have attained the distinction of national accreditation by NEMSMA as a credentialed Paramedic Officer? These certifications advertise to the entire industry that those who have become credentialed have proven their knowledge and competence as EMS officers.

Brian C. Ireton, Advanced Life Systems, Inc., Washington: "Earning this SPO certification means a lot to myself and our company. We have changed the leadership structure of our company and have been looking for a standard to show competency as supervisors and managers. This process and testing has given us the ability to meet and show that competency through an independent agency. This will help to increase and solidify our team as leaders in our industry. Thank you for the opportunity and we look forward to a long relationship in leadership."

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