Action Needed! - Medicare Ambulance Relief


In our capacity as members of the American Ambulance Association (AAA) Government Affairs Committee, we are reaching out to AAA member representatives in your state to ask you to contact your members of Congress in support of Medicare ambulance relief. Specifically, if you would ask your Senators to cosponsor the Medicare Ambulance Access, Fraud Prevention and Reform Act (S. 967) and your Representative(s) to cosponsor the Ambulance Medicare Budget and Operations Act (H.R. 3236). With the temporary Medicare ambulance increases sun setting at the end of this year, it is vital that you contact your members of Congress in support of not letting this critical relief expire.

Writing to your members of Congress will only take a few minutes using the AAA online letter writing tool which includes a sample letter already drafted for you. The tool will also help you determine your members of Congress and send the letter for you. To access the tool, please go to:…/permanent-medicare-ambulance-relief/

S. 967 would make the 2% urban, 3% rural and super rural bonus increases permanent, treat ambulance service suppliers more like providers, implement a staggered cost data collection system and improve upon and expand the pilot program on BLS nonemergency dialysis transports. H.R. 3236 is a streamlined bill that would extend the increases for five years and implement a data collection system different from S. 967 and more along the lines of cost reporting used for Medicare providers. The handouts for S. 967 & H.R. 3226 are also linked on the page provided.

Please write to your members of Congress today in support of permanent or at least long-term Medicare ambulance relief.

Thank you in advance for making the contacts.


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