EMS 3.0 Draft Position Paper

An important role for NEMSMA is to participate in the national efforts to move our industry forward. Your current and past board members have worked with NASEMO, NAEMT, NAEMSP and NAEMSE to craft how EMS systems and services will become a “New EMS” to play a key role within the changing healthcare organizations.

The EMS 3.0 white paper “Defining the Role of EMS in Our Nation’s Health Care Transformation: The New EMS Value Proposition” is posted on the left side of the NEMSMA.org website - click the "EMS 3.0" link. This paper is a starting point for what appears to be the largest change in EMS since the 1970’s.

Please read past president Troy Hagen’s report of the EMS 3.0 Transformational Summit in the May NEMSMA newsletter. Many key elements of EMS 3.0 were discussed. 

Position Papers

Mental Health and Stress in EMS Report Download.

EMS Strong - Called to Care

"Called to Care" is a powerful and timely reminder of how committed you are to the work you do. You've chosen to answer the call of a career that demands passion, purpose and heart—from all those who wear the uniform, day in and day out.

The EMS Strong campaign seeks to celebrate, unify and inspire the men and women of our nation's emergency medical services. Created by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) in partnership with the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT), EMS Strong brings together associations, EMS services, sponsors and national media to honor the dedication of EMS practitioners nationwide.

This year EMS Strong looks at how to Stay Strong, providing 15 articles and resources for caregivers. Go to http://www.emsstrong.org/stay-strong/

Access to the 2016 EMS Week Planning Guide:


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Leadership Agenda

Leadership Agenda 

Supervising EMS Officer Certification Application Process

How to Apply for Supervising EMS Officer Certification 

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