Times are changing for EMS. It has never been more important for EMS professionals to speak out on behalf of our patients' needs and on issues that impact our ability to provide quality medical care.


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Provider Well-Being Committee receives James O. Page award for "Mental Health and Stress in EMS.”

James O. Page award
The Board of Directors of the National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA) extends our sincere thanks to the members of the Provider Wellbeing Committee who created this document. Several people across the country put in a great deal of thought, deliberation and reflection into its creation. We are grateful.

There is no greater calling in our world than service to others. Those who provide emergency medical services to our communities deserve nothing less than our best efforts to ensure they do so with our full support, including mental health and well-being support. Documents like this one help draw attention to this issue and our obligation to serve those who serve others. 

NEMSMA Board of Director/Committee Presentations at EMS Today 2016:

Please join us for the NEMSMA Board of Director/Committee Presentations at EMS Today 2016:

  1. Creating a Leadership Path Using the NEMSMA Seven Pillars of EMS Officer Competencies on Thursday, February 25th at 0800 (Ryan Greenberg)
  2. Creating Clinical Leaders and Mentors on Thursday, February 25th at 0915 (Ryan Greenberg)
  3. One-on-One Roundtable Discussions on Friday, February 26th at 0800 (Brian LaCroix)
  4. Normalization of Deviance: What it is and What to do About It on Friday, February 26th at 0830 (Mike Touchstone)
  5. Show me the Money! FLSA Update – Using Cell Phones, Smartphones and Email Off-duty on Friday, February 26th at 0830 (Allison Bloom)
  6. NEMSMA Credentialing of EMS Officers seminar on Friday, February 26th from 1100 to 1130 in the Learning Center located in the Exhibit Hall (Vince Robbins)
  7. What’s Killing our Medics? on Friday, February 26th at 1015 and repeated on Saturday February 27th at 1530 (Amy Young, Monique Rose & Chad Newland – their work initiated the NEMSMA Practitioner Mental Health & Wellbeing Committee)
  8. Recognizing and Dealing with Intractable Problems, Wickedness, and Messes on Friday, February 26th at 1430 (Mike Touchstone)
  9. Making the Business Case for MIH-CP – What You Need to Know for Discussions with Your Healthcare Partners on Friday, February 26th at 1545 (Brian LaCroix)
  10. What Did You Know and When Did You Know It? Improving Quality and Safety While Reducing Legal Risk on Saturday February 27th at 0830 (Allison Bloom)

You will notice several sessions in the program have been accredited by NEMSMA and will contribute to the pre-requisites for the EMS Supervising Officer credential exam being released later this year. We encourage you to track your CE's and start developing your portfolio today.

Once again, we thank you for dedication and passion for EMS and we would love to hear from you. If not already a NEMSMA member, please consider joining at

Be safe and take care.

Let Paramedics Give Controlled Medications - Support HR 4365

The "Protecting Patient Access to Emergency Medications Act of 2016" (H.R. 4365), sponsored by Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC), will allow EMS agencies to continue using standing orders from their medical director to administer approved medications to their patients under the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

DEA has determined that it will not allow emergency medical service personnel to deliver or administer controlled substances through standing orders as the Controlled Substances Act is currently written. This means that emergency medical service practitioners will not be able to administer or deliver patients lifesaving medications in emergency situations, endangering patients’ lives.

HR 4365 will clarify that the current practice of physician Medical Directors overseeing care provided by paramedics and other emergency medical service practitioners via “standing orders” is statutorily allowed and protected. The use of “standing orders” is necessary so that physician Medical Directors can establish these pre-set protocols which emergency medical service practitioners follow in delivering emergency medical care. In the absence of standing orders, patients would not have access to the time-sensitive and potentially life-saving interventions they so desperately need.

NEMSMA and all other ems/fire professional associations have joined to support this legislation. Contact your congressional representative now.

For more information:

Mike Taigman Elected to NEMSMA Board

Internationally recognized EMS author, consultant and educator, Mike Taigman joins the NEMSMA Board for the 2016 - 2018 term. A general manager of large 911 paramedic services, Taigman is involved in community paramedicine projects and other health outreach initiatives.

Mr. Taigman stated, “It’s time for EMS to become a full partner in our communities and the larger healthcare system. To do that we need to shift our mental models from the hero/save the day to the partner that can collaborate with anyone to help produce good results for patients and communities. Part of this journey involves learning how to use data, systems thinking, and improvement science, while staying focused on the people we are here to serve. Those of us who have been around a long time have an obligation to evolve our own thinking and help grow leaders to replace us, who can be successful in the ever changing healthcare landscape.”


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