Nominations Sought for Dynarex Award - Winners receive $1k or $5k in supplies

Please spread the word about Dynarex’s “First Responder Caring Awards” program, which National EMS Management Association will help judge. We want to hear your stories about a first responder (or group/department) who in recent months has demonstrated the essence of caring or compassion. This can include personnel in EMT, EMS, paramedic, police or fire. Ideally, the stories encompass heroism, exceptional community service, acts of compassion, or demonstrations of the utmost in true caring/commitment to others.

Four regional winners and one national grand prize winner will be selected. Dynarex will award $5,000 in medical supplies to the national winner and $1,000 in supplies to each of the four regional semi-finalists, which can be donated by the winner to their unit/department or to a worthy 501c3 nonprofit (of their choice). Deadline for entries is September 30, 2017 and winners will be announced on October 18, 2017 at the EMS World Expo Show.

Please nominate a colleague (or group/department) today by visiting:

EMS on the Hill Scholarship Recipient EMS Chief Justin Reed

On April 25, EMS on the Hill was held in Washington, D.C. with EMS professionals from across the country coming to meet with their congressional leaders and staff members. Over 250 EMS professionals were in attendance.

NEMSMA was honored to have provided a scholarship to EMS Assistant Chief Justin Reed to attend EMS on the Hill for his first time. Look for a full report about EMS on the Hill and the topics discussed with our elected officials in the June NEMSMA Newsletter written by our scholarship recipient.

EMS on Hill Scholarship 2017

NEMSMA Board Member Ryan Greenberg with
NEMSMA Member & Scholarship Recipient Justin Reed.

EMS Week 2017

It is during this third week of May each year that we stop to recognize all those who have chosen to serve in the emergency medical services field. It is a noble career and demanding of its practitioners. From medical first responders to EMTs, paramedics, administrators, managers and executive leaders, all those who provide the patient care and organizational leadership needed to respond to the urgent need of those suffering acute illness or injury, deserve to be recognized for the dedicated work they perform every day.

Begun in 1974 by then President Gerald Ford, EMS week was always meant to provide a particular time during the year when special acknowledgement would be given by all Americans to the important and difficult job EMS providers do every hour of every day. It is in that spirit I would like to extend the gratitude of the National EMS Management Association to the patient care practitioners of paramedicine throughout the country for their selfless actions and life-saving service. Regardless of their certification level, or scope of practice, these care-givers are the backbone and essential component of our nation’s EMS systems.

Whether career or volunteer, paramedicine practitioners are the people who respond at any time of the day or night, in all kinds of weather and in all sorts of environments, to aid those in need. We salute them for their special service to our society. We thank them for their tireless efforts to help others. And, we extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to each and every one of them.

Vincent D. Robbins, FACPE, FACHE

NEMSMA Releases New Position Paper on Paramedicine Nomenclature

The National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA) has issued a new Position Paper promoting common language in the field of Paramedicine. NEMSMA is advocating that the term “Paramedicine” be used to describe the discipline of pre-hospital medicine (historically called EMS) and that the term “paramedic” become the standard reference to all individual providers.

For nearly half of a century US ambulance services and providers alike have used a variety of names to describe themselves and the work they do. A statement published by The National EMS Advisory Council in December, 2016 cited no less than 37 terms used today to describe this field of health care. Among other points, NEMSMA’s paper asserts that this plethora of terms has, “…perpetuated confusion amongst members of the general public, the media, law makers and insurance providers. There is no common appreciation of the expertise and breadth of services provided by the paramedicine industry and paramedic providers today.”

The NEMSMA position is intended to generate a national dialogue about the issue leading to positive change.

You can find the position paper at this link.

The National EMS Management Association Introduces the Information and Technology Committee

Are you interested in the information and technology needed to provide better patient care and support agency management?
Then we invite you to join and participate in NEMSMA’s newly formed Information and Technology Committee!
The Board of the National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA) is happy to announce the formation of its 11th committee, the Information and Technology Committee (ITC). Each committee has a board liaison to support the committee chairperson appointed by the president. NEMSMA members volunteer their expertise and time to pursue the goals and objectives of the association.
Board member Nick Nudell, serving as the ITC Board liaison, commented, “This is the perfect way for paramedics interested in information and technology to get involved in their profession.” The ITC is responsible for establishing the professional expectations and competencies required of an EMS agency’s information managers. NEMSMA President Vince Robbins says, “These are equivalent to the CIO positions in most corporations.”
The ITC will establish a new ITC Officer credential along with education requirements for the various facets of the ITC role, and develop materials to support this officer’s responsibility as a critical team member. The ITC will work to develop position papers on this subject and identify best practices for information management in EMS agencies. 
Current NEMSMA members wishing to serve on the Information and Technology Committee may go to to complete the Contact Form or by e-mailing Board Liaison Nick Nudell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you are not currently a member, please consider joining NEMSMA today and lending your support to the continued advancement of the emergency medical services industry.  You can do so by visiting our website at or calling Membership Coordinator, Melissa Coons at 888-424-9850. 

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