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NEMSMA President Elect Vince Robbins Interviewed About "Wall Street EMS"

Vince Robbins, President-Elect for NEMSMA, participated live as a guest on Garland Robinette’s “Think Tank” radio show (WWL AM & FM, New Orleans), June 28th, 2016, to discuss the effect of private equity firms investing in EMS in America. Also a on the broadcast was Bren Protess, co-author of a recently published investigative report on the topic in the New York Times, entitled “When You Dial 911 and Wall Street Answers”. The discussion centered on why private equity firms have been purchasing ownership shares in large ambulance companies in the United States and the effect of several resulting bankruptcies.
Vince commented that these firms probably expected to profit substantially from such investments in the wake of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, they have most likely been surprised that the ACA did little to improve the reimbursement rates experienced by EMS agencies around the country. In fact, the regulatory requirements most ambulance services must meet, the high cost of providing state-of-the-art EMS and the generally low compensation such organizations receive for their services, has made the provision of this public health service extremely challenging financially. Based on these factors, Vince commented, we see an exodus of private equity firms, and their investments, from the EMS market.
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NEMSMA Board Members Attend PCC Conference 2016

NEMSMA Board Members Brian Lacroix and Mike Taigman attended the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

In this picture they are meeting with PCC President Randy Mellow and PCC Executive Director Kelly Nash. 

NEMSMA enjoys a close and collaborative relationship with the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada.​ 

Brian Lacroix writes about the PCC conference in the July NEMSMA newsletter.  



EMS 3.0 Draft Position Paper

An important role for NEMSMA is to participate in the national efforts to move our industry forward. Your current and past board members have worked with NASEMO, NAEMT, NAEMSP and NAEMSE to craft how EMS systems and services will become a “New EMS” to play a key role within the changing healthcare organizations.

The EMS 3.0 white paper “Defining the Role of EMS in Our Nation’s Health Care Transformation: The New EMS Value Proposition” is posted on the left side of the website - click the "EMS 3.0" link. This paper is a starting point for what appears to be the largest change in EMS since the 1970’s.

Please read past president Troy Hagen’s report of the EMS 3.0 Transformational Summit in the May NEMSMA newsletter. Many key elements of EMS 3.0 were discussed. 

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