NEMSMA Board Members Attend National Association of EMS Physicians Gathering - New Orleans

National Association of EMS Physicians Gathering - New Orleans 

NEMSMA Board Members Troy Hagen,  Sean Caffrey and Brian LaCroix attended a variety of meetings and sessions at the National Association of EMS Physicians gathering this week in New Orleans.  Key conference topics included: clinical research and poster presentations, how to develop core measures for EMS and discussion surrounding Mobile Integrated Healthcare/EMS/Community Paramedics.   NAEMSP is the one of the largest gatherings of physicians held each year.   Thanks to these dedicated Board Members participating at their own expense to represent NEMSMA and your views at this national physician's conference.  

IAEMSC and NEMSMA Merger Discussions Suspended

IAEMSC and NEMSMA Merger Discussions Suspended

In December of 2013, the Boards of Directors of the International Association of EMS Chiefs (IAEMSC) and the National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA) jointly announced unanimous decisions to proceed with creating a consolidation plan to merge the two EMS associations into a single new organization. Since that time, NEMSMA has been working diligently to accomplish this goal.

While NEMSMA continues to believe that the synergies of the two organizations are substantial and would do much to promote the EMS profession, it does not appear a merger is possible at this time. Recently, IAEMSC made it clear to NEMSMA they were unable at present to move forward and commit to a merger. 

During the last year, NEMSMA expended significant resources in deliberating the merger, conducting due diligence, as well as comparing and contrasting our philosophies with those of the IAEMSC regarding the industry and our approach to representing the leaders of EMS.

NEMSMA believes that neither association is well served by continuing to forestall independent actions that fulfill our individual strategic plans. We feel further delays for the purpose of only discussing a merger would serve to hinder our individual groups’ missions and progress. NEMSMA is therefore regretfully suspending further action in pursuit of consolidation for the immediate future.

NEMSMA remains interested in consolidating with IAEMSC as we believe it is in the best interest our respective associations and the greater EMS community. NEMSMA will certainly consider and carefully evaluate an IAEMSC offer to commit to and complete a merger at such time an offer occurs.

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