2014 Election Results

Congratulations to the new and returning Board of Director members:


Returning to the Board for a second two-year term, Brian LaCroix is President of Allina Health Emergency Medical Services, covering about 1,200 square miles in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area and greater Minnesota. LaCroix will continue to chair the NEMSMA Membership/Development Committee. 


Ryan Greenberg returns for a second two-year term on the Board. Chief of EMS Operations for Vanguard Health Systems, Greenberg has two decades of experience in all types of EMS systems, including ocean rescue. As Chair of the NEMSMA National EMS Officer Competencies Committee, Greenberg participated in the release of a national framework for EMS leadership. "Seven Pillars of EMS Competencies."


Steve Cotter is the Director of EMS for Berkeley County in the Charleston metro area of South Carolina and have previously served as the Executive Director of the Sedgwick County EMS System in Wichita, Kansas. He returns to the NEMSMA Board of Directors for a second two year term.


Allison J. Bloom is an attorney, consultant, coach and educator with nearly 30 years of experience working with EMS and fire agencies, a pharmaceuticsl company and small-to-mid sized businesses.


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Board members presented at EMSWorld Expo

Board members presented at EMSWorld Expo

Wednesday, Nov 12 8:00AM - 9:15AM

Super Volunteers: What EMS Can Learn from Highly Successful Volunteer Organizations in Other Sectors and Countries Sean Caffrey, MBA, CEMSO, NRP

Volunteer EMS organizations face many challenges relating to time and resource management, especially at the administrative level. This session explores how large-scale volunteer organizations such as the Red Cross and the Boy Scouts of America and other service organizations manage their volunteers. Best practices of large volunteer organizations in emergency services such as St. John’s Ambulance, the National Ski Patrol, Tasmanian Ambulance Service and Virginia Beach EMS will also be explored. At the conclusion of this session volunteer EMS leaders will have a greater awareness of the tools used by successful volunteer organizations.

Wednesday, Nov 12 9:30AM - 10:45AM

EMS Officer Competencies for the 21st Century Ryan Greenberg, MBA, NREMT-P, Troy Hagen, MBA, NREMT-P

Advancing your EMS leadership career can often be a challenging and confusing road. Once in your new role as an EMS officer, understanding the expectations and ensuring you complete each of your daily operational tasks can be as stressful. In order to help field providers understand the path to leadership and help current EMS officers achieve success, the National EMS Management Association recently developed a set of core competencies for supervising, managing and executive EMS officers. This session reviews the Pillars of EMS Officer Core Competencies, and how they can help guide personal career growth, define expectations of leadership and strengthen your agency’s leadership team.

Wednesday, Nov 12 11:00AM - 12:15PM

How to Improve Employee Engagement Brian LaCroix

Often described as action-oriented, independent and self-motivated personalities, EMS providers can be a tough bunch to lead. When staff members are not truly engaged with their organization, it shows up in how they treat patients, each other and extended stakeholders. Employee engagement is much more than just employee satisfaction. An engaged employee is a person who is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about, his or her work and committed to the interests and objectives of the organization. Since Allina Health EMS began measuring, we’ve seen employee engagement increase by 2½ times.

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