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ASM Group Survey Opportunity

Monday, October 21, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Admin
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Our team is a small group participating in Fitch and Associates Ambulance Service Manager course. Our group project for this fall term involves tobacco and nicotine and how it is affecting the EMS industry. If we can get enough data to make the results meaningful, we then hope to publish and share with all those interested.  We hope to raise awareness to this problem which we believe to be prevalent in EMS, and to spur organizations to provide tobacco and nicotine cessation programs to their staff to help save lives first and foremost while pointing out the money being wasted in our EMS communities as a whole. Tobacco and nicotine is one of the leading known causes of cancer, heart disease, strokes, COPD, etc.  yet many organizations do not have policies against its use, and it is rarely discussed as part of employee’s health.  Historically we see many EMS services provide special areas for their people to smoke, so long as it's away from patients, however this is not good enough, as an industry we should be striving for better support to our staff and setting a better example for our patients.  It's time we take a real stand against this habit... And awareness is a start to that action. 

In the hopes that you can help us, we are asking you to share the following survey.  There is a great deal of data available that shows the negative effects tobacco and nicotine have on our health. There has yet to be a strong study on these habits in EMS.  Our group hopes to evaluate the prevalence of tobacco and nicotine use in EMS, how frequently organizations are helping their providers to stop using these products, and most of all to raise awareness of these issues on a national scale.

Below is the link to our survey. Respondents will remain completely anonymous, and it will take just 1-2 minutes to complete.

Thank you for your time and assistance. With your help, we believe we can improve the health of EMS providers across the country, and possibly our world!