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NEMSMA Accreditation


Individual candidates for Paramedic Officer credentialing at the Supervising Paramedic Officer (SPO), Managing Paramedic Officer (MPO) and Fellow in the American College of Paramedic Executives (FACPE) levels are required to demonstrate a combination of “Accredited” and “General” Leadership Education hours when they submit their credentialing or re-certification application and portfolio.

In order for the Paramedic Officer credentialing program to be successful it is essential for credentialing candidates to have access to a wide variety of accredited leadership education. The NEMSMA Accreditation program is primarily intended to develop a large cadre of accredited leadership education providers and opportunities while at the same time offering a credible accreditation program, which ensures quality and validates that educational content connects to the Seven Pillars of National EMS Officer Competencies. To download a copy of the Seven Pillars of National EMS Officer Competencies, click here.

Programs and conference sessions registered and recognized through the NEMSMA accreditation process satisfy the Accredited Leadership Education (ALE) portion of the Qualifying Education credentialing and re-certification portfolio requirements.

Accredited Leadership Education (ALE):  In the context of Paramedic Officer credentialing, Accredited Leadership Education (ALE) is specifically limited to programs and conference sessions which have been voluntarily submitted to NEMSMA’s Committee on Accreditation for detailed review of how the educational content “maps to” (i.e., covers topics contained in) the NEMSMA Seven Pillars of National EMS Officer Competencies, as well as an objective assessment of how the program or conference session plans to meet established standards for educational planning, implementation and evaluation. ALE may include both EMS- and non-EMS-related leadership and management educational content. All ALE hours are accepted by the American College of Paramedic Executives (ACPE) towards satisfaction of the total Qualifying Education hour requirements for Paramedic Officer credentialing candidates.

Click here for a list of conferences and programs offering NEMSMA Accredited Leadership Education (ALE).

NEMSMA Accreditation is divided into two categories: Conference Session Accreditation and Program Accreditation.

Conference Session Accreditation: Limited specifically to national, state, regional, and local conferences of any duration. NEMSMA does not accredit the conference itself, but rather individual sessions offering Leadership educational content within the context of the conference environment. Conference session accreditation is therefore tied specifically to each individual conference session and is only valid for the specific dates of a specific conference.

For example, Leadership education sessions offered at an annual state EMS conference held in March 2018 may receive accreditation for the March 2018 conference dates. Subsequent conferences run by the same host (i.e., the same state EMS conference held in March 2019) will have to have reapply for conference session accreditation for all Leadership education sessions offered at subsequent conferences. This is the case regardless of whether any particular session was accredited in previous years or at other conferences conducted by the same or a different organization.

Program Accreditation: Program accreditation includes classes, courses, workshops, programs, and distributed learning delivered outside the context of a conference. Programs may be of any length or duration, ranging from as little as one (1) hour to as long as a 16-week semester and beyond. Program accreditation, once received, is valid for up to 5 years, provided the Registered Leadership Education Provider pays the annual fee to maintain their registration and corresponding eligibility to maintain on-going program accreditation.

A program which has previously received NEMSMA Program Accreditation may be offered at or in conjunction with a conference (for example, as a co-located event). In this case, the Registered Leadership Education Provider (RLEP) should self-identify to the conference host that the Program already carries NEMSMA Accreditation. Note, however, that conference sessions (even those offered as pre-conference workshops or co-located events) which previously received NEMSMA Accreditation as part of a Conference Session Accreditation application do not carry that accreditation forward for future offerings at other conferences or as stand-alone programs unless an individual Program Accreditation application has been submitted and approved by NEMSMA specifically for that individual program.

Re-accreditation of conference sessions at each offering and programs at intervals of not more than every 5 years helps ensure that accredited programs are keeping pace with updates to the NEMSMA Seven Pillars of National EMS Officer Competencies and industry leadership standards.

Leadership education providers must be registered with NEMSMA as a Registered Leadership Education Provider (RLEP) in order to apply for leadership education accreditation, must maintain that registration for the duration of accreditation, and must pay all applicable Registration and Accreditation Fees outlined in the Accreditation Fee Schedule.  

Note: The use of the term “Paramedic” in all documents and applications is intentional as it is NEMSMA’s position and belief that the term “paramedic” should become the standard reference to all individual providers regardless of clinical scope of practice, not limited strictly to those who have achieved clinical certification or licensure at the traditional paramedic level. In fact, just the opposite is true. NEMSMA’s Paramedic Officer credentialing program is open to all levels of clinical EMS providers aspiring to or serving in EMS industry leadership roles.

Most questions regarding NEMSMA Accreditation should be answered on this website and on the Accreditation FAQs page.

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