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Article Submission

Are you interested in contributing further to the EMS profession?  The National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA) provides an opportunity for aspiring authors who are passionate, innovators, or considered EMS experts within their respective disciplines to contribute to improving our profession. The EMS DirectorTM magazine and NEMSMA provide the perfect medium to share your story, perspective, or research. Whether it is a short article, a one-page topic on EMS Innovation, or a two-page article with a more in-depth contribution, we want to hear from you.


Submission of content, including articles and/or images/pictures, does not guarantee its publication by Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC (EMSLLC) and EMS DirectorTM magazine. If submitted content is considered for use, EMSLLC reserves the right to edit such content to fit the specifications of the printed publication and editing standards. After submitted to EMSLLC, any revised content or edits may be returned back to the submitting party for review. Due to printing timelines, however, this may not always be possible.


Submitted content should be emailed to EMSLLC and meet the following criteria:
  • Microsoft Word document
  • Single-space after periods
  • Include a working title and/or subtitle (it is not guaranteed that the submitted title is used)
  • Images/pictures may be sent either as their own item, or within a Word document for retrieval (images not required)
  • Credits/references in the form of typed footnotes at the end of the document in APA format
  • Please do not hyperlink or integrate credit marks into the working document, as this can create editing issues. Instead, type the following in superscript after the sentence, and then reference it at the end of the article as such. [1]
  • Word count guidelines:
  • Short articles: 300-400 words
  • 1-page articles: 700-1000 words
  • 2-page articles: 1200-1500 words


Various re-occurring columns do exist within each publication, as well as a different theme for each issue. Below is a link to examples of some of the columns that submitted content may be aligned with or designated for. As a note, submitted content is not required to meet the outline of a particular issue’s theme, however, submitted content may be reserved for publication until a later date in order to best align with a given printed issue. Themes are announced by Tim Nowak, Editor-in-Chief, via LinkedIn.


EMSDIRECTOR magazine is a quarterly-printed publication that was originally developed in 2014 for clients of EMERGENCY MEDICAL SOLUTIONS LLC, but was re-launched as a national publication for any & all EMS professionals in 2018. Since its re-launch, the publication has grown to include over 20 re-occurring columns, multiple sponsored content columns, increased advertising space, and additional insights spread over 60+ pages (with more pages projected throughout 2020). Its goal is to provide PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT for EMS, and its audience includes EMS directors, chiefs, administrators, managers, supervisors, field training officers, clinicians, and other decision-makers from throughout the industry. As of the transition from 2019-2020, the magazine is circulated to over 700 individuals spread over nearly all 50 states in the U.S., as well as a small audience in three additional countries.


As of mid-2019, the magazine began a partnership with the National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA) to become its official publication. Through this partnership, all NEMSMA members receive a subscription coinciding with their association membership.


Each magazine is digitally-printed in full-color, 8.5” x 11” in size, and is mailed directly to each subscriber within the defined quarter. Options also exist for bulk orders, where EMS agencies can take advantage of receiving multiple copies of each magazine at a discounted rate, sent to a central location. Individual subscriptions cost $25 per year, with renewals only costing $20 thereafter. Contributors to the magazine have varied professional backgrounds from throughout the EMS industry and include EMS directors/chiefs, training officers, billing company representatives, and consultants.




Featured Article Added Focus
Management Leadership Mentor Corner 10 Tips
Finance & Reimbursement
Reporting & Data Management
Quality Assurance Information &
Logistics Operations
EMS Educator Clinical Focus Preparedness &
Public Health Healthcare Focus Medical Oversight
EMS Society Culture of Safety Human Resources Recruitment &
EMS Command Compliance &
Standards MIH/CP


Additional Featured Discussion and Professional Review sections of the magazine also offer the opportunity to provide content specific to a determined topic or debate. Updated Featured Discussion topics will be announced via LinkedIn by Tim Nowak, Editor-in-Chief.


By submitting an article or any other content for publication, the submitting party (author) agrees that the content provided is wholly-owned and is the content property of their individual self or company of representation. Also, by submitting an article for review, the author verifies that the submitted work has not been submitted to another publication for consideration or print; which may be in violation of that publication’s future submission criteria. The submitting party agrees for EMSLLC to print this content for the purpose of distribution to its own clients/subscribers. EMSLLC maintains copyrights over the final printed publication (EMS DirectorTM), while the submitting party is granted copyrights over the originally- submitted content and may offer it for print in other publications and professional trade journals at his/her/their own discretion. These publications, moreover, may require individual disclosure for any submission/publication of this work as a stipulation of their own submission requirements.


EMSLLC holds no responsibility if the submitting party knowingly or un-knowingly violates any prior copyright commitments or regulations in regards to his/her/their submitted content. It is the responsibility of the submitting party to follow applicable copyright, trademark, and/or reference/citation criteria related to the submitted content.


As of the present, EMSLLC does not offer payment or purchase the rights to utilize & print submitted content. In exchange for such content, EMSLLC is agreeing to offer the submitting party a printed copy of the magazine issue that the submitted content is printed in. Additional independent agreements may be negotiated.


Submitting content, or having it published, does not grant the author rights as neither an employee or contractor of EMSLLC or its partnering organizations. The relationship established is voluntary, at-will, and does not guarantee privileges to future publication of submitted work.


All content submitted is subject to review, approval, and/or denial by the editorial board/team of EMS DirectorTM and EMSLLC. There is no guarantee that submitted articles or works will be published in a presently-constructed issue of the magazine as timelines, themes, available space, and additional contributions may necessitate any article’s publication in a later issue.


By submitting content for print & publication in EMS DirectorTM (for use by EMSLLC), you are agreeing to the aforementioned guidelines.


Additional questions can be referred to:


Thank you for considering an article submission to EMS DirectorTM, Tim Nowak, Founder & Editor-in-Chief.


To submit an article for review, please clinic link:


Required with your submission:

  • Author’s name
  • Home address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Credentials
  • Have you ever had something published before? If so, by whom?







Professional Review - Submission Criteria