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Download the National EMS Officer Competencies document

Greetings EMS Professionals,

As representatives of two national EMS leadership associations, we are pleased and excited to announce the release of the National EMS Officer Competencies. This document has been a long time coming with many different groups and individuals contributing to make it a first of its kind in EMS. This project fulfills a significant portion of the vision defined in NEMSMA’s EMS Leadership Agenda for the Future, published in 2008.

I believe this competencies project will be a valuable tool for both experienced and new, aspiring EMS leaders to develop their leadership knowledge, skills and abilities to optimize their chance for success in supervision, management, and leadership. It will help create the roadmap for EMS professionals as they advance in their careers to take on more administrative responsibilities.
I would like to thank the many individuals that sacrificed and contributed to make this available to the EMS profession. As in any version 1 release, we look forward to your feedback to make this a living, breathing documents that will continue to improve over time and serve as a valuable resource in EMS leadership.

Thank you for all you do in EMS and we hope you enjoy the competencies!

Troy M. Hagen, MBA, NREMT-P      James Robinson,
NEMSMA Past-President                  IAEMSC President


Committee Chair

Dear EMS Professionals,

I would like to start by saying thank you for making the EMS community truly a network of professionals across the United States and Internationally. As clinical providers from many different delivery models and structures, our common goal is to put others before ourselves and provide outstanding patient care to those in need.

It has been my honor to Chair the EMS Officer Competencies Committee, and to have the chance to help bring our profession and EMS leadership to the next level. Over the last four years, our committee members have labored countless hours to design, develop, review and now release the Seven Pillars of National EMS Officer Competencies.

We are a vital part of the healthcare system while being the youngest public safety discipline. Among the public safety disciplines we are the fastest growing as baby boomers get older and the need for pre-hospital care increases every day. As we continue to advance our profession and ourselves as clinical providers, the demand EMS leadership increases each year. Now, future EMS officers will have a set of expectations, goals and objectives clearly outlined in one set of leadership competencies available for everyone across the country to use.

I am proud to present to the EMS community the “Seven Pillars of National EMS Officer Competencies” and I look forward to ongoing initiatives as we continue to raise the bar as leaders within the EMS profession.


Ryan P. Greenberg, MBA
Chairman, EMS Officer Competencies Committee

Download the National EMS Officer Competencies document