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This new initiative developed by the National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA) grew from a critical need to develop the next generation of EMS leaders. NEMSMA has identified the core competencies needed for leaders in the EMS environment and three distinct levels of leadership, each one a building block for the next:

1) Supervising Paramedic Officer
2) Managing Paramedic Officer
3) Executive Paramedic Officer (Fellow of the College of Paramedic Executives)

Why pursue NEMSMA credentialing?
The three professional credentialing exams were created to measure the attributes and skills individuals needed to be EMS officers, at the supervisory, manager and executive levels. These courses offer a way for individuals to test and validate their abilities to lead EMS organizations. While credentialing provides motivation to pursue additional education, it also provides recognition and differentiation for those wishing to advance in their careers.

The American College of Paramedic Executives (ACPE), a separate organization developed by NEMSMA, oversees the certification process. The ACPE represents the establishment of the first professional college within the field of paramedicine in the United States. Leadership of the college is entrusted to a 13-member commission of distinguished EMS leaders. The ACPE in cooperation with NEMSMA will be responsible for upholding the standards for paramedic officers through a rigorous multi-level credentialing process. Individuals that become certified as executive paramedic officers will be granted the status of Fellow in the American College of Paramedic Executives.


The Paramedic Officer Credentialing program represents the culmination of years of efforts that began with the publication of Emergency Medical Services Management and Leadership Development in America: An Agenda for the Future by NEMSMA in 2010 followed by the development of EMS Officer competencies by a diverse group of stakeholders that was published in 2014 as the Seven Pillars of EMS Officer Competencies.

In order to earn a Paramedic Officer certification, candidates must demonstrate relevant EMS experience, participate in qualifying education and successfully complete examination requirements as established by the ACPE. Beginning in 2020, candidates will also be required to fulfill higher education degree requirements. A listing of current requirements can be found here.

Go here to begin an application for credentialing.

For more information please view our credentialing FAQ page or contact us at or 888-424-9850.