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Credentialing FAQs
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What is the value of a Paramedic Officer Credential?

Professional certification provides a mechanism for individuals to demonstrate that they possess the knowledge and skills necessary to lead various levels of an EMS organization. This proficiency is demonstrated through education and experience that is validated through an independent testing process.  Certification also demonstrates your ongoing commitment to professional development.

What is the cost of officer certification?

Certification fees vary by officer level. NEMSMA members may be elegible for a discounted rate.  Certification fees are due at the time of application. Current rates are shown HERE.

What is Qualifying Education and How Much Do I Need?

Qualifying Education is broadly defined as management and leadership education that may or may not be EMS specific. 120 “classroom  hours” are required within the last 10 years. The ACPE realizes that there are many ways to obtain this type of education and reviewers will evaluate the courses and/or conference sessions attended on a case by case basis for each applicant.

A process to “accredit” education such as conference sessions and standardized courses is currently under development.  Beginning in 2017 a certain portion of the required 120 hours will need to come from accredited sources. 

For a list of common courses that are accredited see the listing HERE.

Education that does not qualify includes purely medical continuing education such as ACLS, PALS, PHTLS and clinical continuing education sessions. College coursework in management topics may qualify if taken after any required degrees were earned.

Do I need a college degree?

Officially yes, because NEMSMA and the ACPE believe strongly that future EMS leaders must have the benefit of a college education in order to be successful in our evolving landscape. However, the ACPE recognizes that many active EMS leaders today have earned their positions through experience and demonstrated skill. As a result, degree requirements are suspended for candidates who apply for certification before January 1, 2020.

How do I apply?

The application is available online HERE.

How long does the application review take?

Applications are reviewed by volunteer commissioners on the American College of Paramedicine Executives (ACPE).  While applications are reviewed as soon as possible, the application and all required documentation must be submitted 60 days before a test date. ACPE reviewers will qualify you for the test or ask for additional documentation within 15 days of submitting your materials. 

Should I apply if I have not completed all of the necessary requirements?

Probably Not! Candidates must have completed all of the requirements before they are allowed to take an exam. Submitted applications determined to be incomplete will be kept active for up to 1 year to allow applicants to correct any deficiencies in the application. If you are only missing a small item, however, it may be reasonable to apply if you know you will have it completed at least 60 days before the scheduled exam

Do I need to take a Prep Course?

An optional prep course is available for an additional fee. Completion of the course does not teach management and leadership skills directly but does give potential candidates an overview of the topic areas covered and the style of the examination that may be helpful.

How is the Exam Given?

The written exam is a computer based exam delivered online and given in a supervised environment. The number of questions will not exceed 100 and up to 3 hours is allowed for completion.

How do I know my application has been received?

You will receive a confirmation email from the online application system.

How do I know my application is complete and has been accepted?

You will receive an email indicating your application is complete and that you are authorized to schedule yourself for an exam.

What will I need at the test site?

A government issued photo identification