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The Emergency Medical Services Field Training and Evaluation Program 

The National EMS Management Association is proud to present EMS-FTEP™, the Emergency Medical Services Field Training and Evaluation Program. This program, which has existed in the EMS community for over 15 years, is based on the "San Jose Model" field training and evaluation program that is ubiquitous in the law enforcement community.

EMS-FTEP™ presents a structured program for transitioning new employees in to the EMS agency. It is designed and constructed to provide both the employee and the agency with the greatest possible chance of success, by providing a framework that assures employees understand, develop, and can demonstrate those skills and behaviors that the employing agency considers essential. It also contributes to the ability of the EMS agency withstand legal and administrative challenges to employment decisions, and to protect the EMS agency from liability based on claims of negligent hiring, negligent retention, negligent entrustment, and failure to train. The program meets the validity requirements of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC standard 1607.2 and .5(a)).

EMS-FTEP™ consists of two parts – a Basic Field Training Officer Course and a program management course entitled Developing and Managing the EMS Field Training and Evaluation Program. Agencies undertaking EMS-FTEP™ for the first time are encouraged to send a core group of supervisors, managers, and FTO candidates through the entire 40-hour program. Once the agency has embraced the core concepts of EMS-FTEP™, groups of FTO candidates can be integrated in to the agency program through the 3-day Basic Field Training Officer Course. EMS-FTEP courses are taught by experienced instructors whose agencies have successfully implemented EMS-FTEP for a period of years. 

Basic EMS Field Training Officer Course

The position of Field Training Officer is often the first rung on the promotional ladder for an EMS paramedic. In many agencies, individuals are appointed FTOs without any preparation whatsoever, except for their prior EMS field experience. The Basic EMS Field Training Officer course will introduce to the prospective field training officer to the structure, tools, techniques and concepts of EMS-FTEP™, and will provide instruction in the principles of adult learning, coaching, evaluation, giving feedback, and documenting trainee performance using EMS-FTEP tools (Standardized Evaluation Guidelines, Recruit Training Manual, and Daily Observation Reports).

Developing and Managing the EMS Field Training and Evaluation Program

This class is intended for EMS supervisors, educators, managers and executives who want to develop a sound, legally-defensible field training and evaluation program (FTEP) to smoothly and effectively integrate new employees into their agencies or to strengthen and solidify an existing field training program. It is not intended for individual paramedics selected to or seeking to become EMS field training officers. Many senior EMS officers believe that once a new paramedic or EMT completes preservice training, he/she should be ready to “hit the street” and function as a productive member of a two-person ambulance crew. In many agencies, the new paramedic will be expected to lead an EMT partner and to provide first-line advanced life support to critical patients. In today’s EMS environment, this approach is no longer viable. EMS agencies must fill in the gaps in cognitive, psychomotor and affective performance for new personnel to be successful in the field. Upon completion of this 16-hour program, the graduate will be able to use the tools provided to develop and manage an EMS-FTEP™ program in the home EMS agency. This program also may have relevance for preservice EMS educators who wish to further improve their clinical preceptor and evaluation programs. We occasionally offer the Program Manager course as a standalone pre-conference in connection with the major national EMS conferences (EMS EXPO and EMS TODAY), as well as select regional and state conferences. We would be happy to bring either program to your state or large regional EMS conferences. 

We are able to bring both programs on site, to your agency, regional, association or educational institution. The complete package, which we recommend for agencies just beginning to utilize EMS-FTEP (the 2-day program management course and the 3-day basic FTO course), costs $12,000, including two instructors for the full week and all instructional materials. We encourage multiagency planning, or course delivery through regional EMS councils or associations, or EMS educational institutions such as community colleges.

We recommend participation as follows:

Senior officers - the 2day program management course 
First line supervisors all 5 days (or at least the 3-day Basic FTO course)
Prospective FTOs the 3day basic FTO course.

Once the program is established, agencies will not need to send first-line supervisors through the Basic FTO Course, because they will most likely already have been FTOs within the program prior to promotion. 

Course sizes - a limit of 36 students can be accommodated for either course.

 NEMSMA does not offer “open” EMS-FTEP courses, except in conjunction with state, regional, or national EMS conferences.  For agencies that believe that they are “too small” or financially unable to underwrite an EMS-FTEP course, we will work with potential local sponsors that may wish to provide the course for multiple agencies.  Examples of agencies that have sponsored regional FTEP courses include

·         Community College or College EMS Programs

·         Regional Access to Care (RAC) organizations

·         County or Regional EMS/fire chief associations

·         Trauma System Regions

We also do not keep a registry of course offerings by our accredited training centers.  Accredited EMS Training Centers are authorized by NEMSMA to conduct Basic Field Training Officer courses for their own personnel, and to offer the complete program to other EMS agencies in their region.  Most of the EMS-FTEP Training Centers are headed by members of the NEMSMA National EMS-FTEP training teams.

·         Allina EMS, Saint Paul, Minnesota

·         Mayo Clinic Ambulance Service, Rochester, Minnesota

·         Durham County EMS, Durham, North Carolina

·         Temple University Hospital Transport Team, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

·         Jersey City Medical Center EMS (RWJ Barnabas Health, Jersey City, New Jersey

·         City of Schertz EMS, Schertz, Texas

·         Falck/CARE Ambulance, Orange, California

For additional information, or to bring EMS-FTEP to your agency, region, or other gathering, contact the FTEP program chair,