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About NEMSMA’s Committee on Accreditation

About NEMSMA’s Committee on Accreditation

NEMSMA’s Committee on Accreditation (CoA) is tasked with designing, developing, implementing and administering NEMSMA’s leadership education accreditation process. The process is designed to demonstrate that a particular program or conference session “maps to” (i.e., covers topics contained in) the NEMSMA Seven Pillars of National EMS Officer Competencies. NEMSMA accreditation shows that an education provider has voluntarily submitted educational content to an objective assessment of its ability to meet established standards for educational planning, implementation and evaluation and that it has met or exceeded those criteria. The American College of Paramedic Executives (ACPE) uses evidence of NEMSMA accreditation to evaluate each application for Paramedic Officer Credentialing to determine an individual’s eligibility to test for certification and to ensure applicants have met the exam prerequisites and requirements.  For more information on the credentialing process and the ACPE, click here.

The Committee on Accreditation is comprised of NEMSMA members and invited Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who have an interest, experience or expertise in educational content accreditation activities. The CoA works under the delegated authority of and reports to the NEMSMA Board of Directors. The CoA is overseen and operationally run on a day-to-day basis by the Committee Chair and Board Liaison to the CoA, who are responsible for general CoA operations, development and enforcement of all CoA policies, procedures, standard operating procedures, discipline, conflict-resolution, CoA personnel matters, and bringing policy recommendations on behalf of the CoA to the NEMSMA Board of Directors for approval. Both the Chair and the Board Liaison report to the Board of Directors.

The CoA is divided into two Sub-Committees: the “Standards and Policies Sub-Committee” which oversees the development and maintenance of the NEMSMA accreditation process, and the “Review Team Sub-Committee” which handles the accreditation reviews.

Join the CoA Today!

NEMSMA is always looking for members who are interested in serving on the Committee on Accreditation, and especially for Accreditation Reviewers.  If you are interested in joining the CoA or becoming a NEMSMA Accreditation Reviewer, please contact the Committee on Accreditation at for more information and an application package.

To serve on the CoA, NEMSMA membership as a
Full Individual, Associate, or Supervisory Affiliate member is required.

Contact NEMSMA’s Committee on Accreditation at