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The Accreditation Process
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How Does the NEMSMA Accreditation Process Work?

Step 1: Become an Registered Leadership Education Provider
An education provider or conference host/provider must first register with NEMSMA as a Registered Leadership Education Provider (RLEP) in order to become eligible to apply for NEMSMA Conference Session or Program accreditation.  This involves filling out a brief online application about the demographics of the education provider and paying a one-time Initial Registration Fee. Upon receipt and approval of the RLEP application, the RLEP will be provided with a secure link through which to submit their Accreditation Application and related materials.

Step 2: Complete the Accreditation Application
After becoming a Registered Leadership Education Provider (RLEP), download the applicable Accreditation Application Package (there are separate application packages for Programs and Conference Sessions), fill it out, and submit it, along with the Accreditation Application Processing Fee and applicable Accreditation Review fees. If rush processing is requested, the Rush Processing Fee must also accompany the application. A fee calculation worksheet is included in each Application Package.

All submissions for accreditation must be completed using the forms provided in the Application Package, and submitted in accordance with the submission instructions.

Please be certain to download and read ALL application instruction documents FULLY and CAREFULLY before filling out any applications. Failure to follow instructions may result in accreditation being delayed or denied. NEMSMA is not responsible for accreditation delays or denials resulting from a failure to follow application instructions.

Step 3: Obtain Accreditation
Upon receipt of a completed Application Package and all supporting materials, NEMSMA’s Committee on Accreditation will perform an accreditation review and notify the applicant as to accreditation status and how many ALE credit hours have been awarded. If the accreditation request is for a Conference, the accreditation awarded will only be for the specific dates of the conference offering and the specific leadership education sessions identified. If the request is for a Program, accreditation will be awarded for a period of up to 5 years.